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for more information.

Prices If Ordered Through Merindorf Meats

(Based on hanging weight and processing included.)
Requires two weeks advance notice.

  • Whole Hog:  $2.29/Lb.
    (190# approx.)
  • Half Hog:  $2.69/Lb.
  • Smoked Products:  .65¢/Lb.
    (Ham, Bacon, etc.)

Custom Pigs

  • Customer Supplies Animal — .55¢/Lb.
  • Kill — $40 + $7.50 (The $7.50 charge is only if Merindorf picks up at NW Market)
  • Smoking — .65¢/Lb.
  • Smoking — .65¢/Lb.

Pig Roast Information

Please, call for current pricing

  • 60-80lb. Whole Hog
  • 80-100lb. Whole Hog
  • 100-150lb. Whole Hog
  • 150lb. and up Whole Hog

The Hog comes with the head on but Merindorf’s can remove the head if you desire. The smallest size is a 60-pound hog and hogs up to 200 Lbs. can be ordered. Hogs under 60 pounds are considered suckling pigs and market price needs to be obtained by calling our meat supplier. Figure one pound per person.

If Merindorf cooks the hog, it is a $150 charge for a 60-100 pound animal. The cooker will accommodate a 200 pound hog.

The customer can put a deposit of $100 on a small cooler, or $400 on a large cooler in which to transport the hog if cooked at Merindorfs. The deposit is refunded upon return of the cooler.

Pulled Pork Information

  • Frozen in 1 Pound Packages – $7.49/Lb.
  • 10 Pound Tray – $6.99/Lb.

4-5 sandwiches per pound average. One week advance notice. Ten-pound tin will feed approximately 40 people.