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Award Winning Venison Sausage
Michigan Meat Association (1997-2014)

Summer Sausage:
$7.00 (2-LB Stick) There are approximately 24 sticks per batch which costs approximately $168. There is an additional $1.00 per stick charge for sausage with cheese or jalapeno.  There are approximatedly 27 sticks per batch with cheese, which costs approximately $202.50.
Hunter's Sausage:

$5.50 (Finished Pound)
(Approximately 40 lbs. finished weight and costs approximately $200)
(Approximately 46 lbs. with cheese and costs approximately $230)

* 35lbs. of your boneless venison trim is needed to have a batch made.

$12.00 (Finished Pound)
Flavors: Country; Teriyaki; BBQ

  *For your own batch of jerky you will need 25lbs. of boneless round and loins only. This product is made using a batch process. For every 3 pounds, you get 1 pound.
Grind and wrap $1.00 per pound
$3.00 per pound (18 lbs. of meat minimum)

We will also make fresh sausage and add beef or pork to grind @ $3.50 per pound.

Please contact Merindorf Meats at (517)676-6039 if you have any questions.
Sorry! No Out of State Meat Accepted!

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